Two-way Radio Communication Equipment and Systems

Two Way Radios

Ritron specializes in cost-effective, professional-grade handheld two way radio communication equipment & radios, callboxes, base stations, OEM data modules and other VHF and UHF wireless communication products.

From high-density urban areas with supercharged signals to more distant suburban locations that require long range coverage – these portable units get you there faster than any other option on the market.


  • Locomotive “Clean Cab” Radio
  • Portable / Mobile Radios
  • Telemetry / Data / OEM Products
  • Intercom / Callbox / GateguardĀ®
  • Wireless Alerting
  • Mass Communication
  • Repeaters
  • Specialty Products

Featured Product

Locomotive Clean Cab Radio

The RCCR radio is designed with state of the art RF technology to provide onboard voice communication for freight and transit railroad operations. A fresh, clean-sheet design approach was used to optimize performance specifically for the railroad environment instead of adapting an off-the-shelf LMR mobile radio.

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